History of Weyers

The company Weyers originates in 1969 as a true family company, They just startet with potatoes. At 1995 the Weyers GmbH was founded. The Weyers Group is now in its third generation. Robert Weyers heads the family business together with his wife Anja. A new, fresh breeze insures a good cooperation between proud growers and satisfied customers.

Weyers now

Today, the Weyers Group is made up of the following pillars:

Sunfresh GmbH: Production of fresh fruit and vegetables which are marketed exclusively by Weyers GmbH

Weyers GmbH: Customer-oriented procurement and sale of vegetables

Erzeugergrossmarkt NRW GmbH: Procurement and sale of locally grown, German vegetables

Sunfruits International B.V.: Procurement and sale of fruit

Warehousing Venlo B.V.: Handling and storage

Pakstation Venlo B.V.:  Packaging

Venloer Transport GmbH: Transport and planning

Proud Farmers

Weyers disposes of its own cultivation areas near the sites of Venlo (Netherlands) and Weeze (Germany). Thanks to this, our company receives the necessary products straight from the horticultural and agricultural businesses local to the Rhine-Maas region in which Weyers is located.

Weyers also cooperates with contract farmers and maintains ties with leading international suppliers. The long-term contracts were concluded on the basis of the supplied quality and the necessary quantity of goods. This allows Weyers to deliver fresh products throughout the year.

The most important thing however is the natural chain. To respect our environment, Weyers chooses this method of cultivation, harvest and production. As regards cultivation, this means that decisions are made in terms of breed, cultivation method etc. that ensure the supply of optimised products for the customer and eventually the consumer.


This new attitude towards food safety and supply chain management will become increasingly important in the future. Weyers GmbH is well aware of these challenges. We see the sale of fresh produce within a closed supply chain as a crucial factor that will allow us to maintain an important role in the fruit and vegetable sector in the near future.

Our efforts are focused on cultivation as well as the final customer, in particular retailers. It is becoming increasingly clear that good business relationships with "the source" are extremely important to the final customer. The direct connection between the final customer and the producer/supplier offers an optimal tuning of supply and demand in terms of quality and quantity. Furthermore, an extended service package is important to us. Proper packaging, good logistics, professional marketing support, certified quality management and a closed tracking and tracing system are indispensable tools to achieve this.

Working at Weyers

Weyers GmbH is a grower, producer and supplier of fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs with subsidiaries in Venlo (Netherlands) and Weeze (Germany). Our products are primarily sold in Germany, the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. Our aim is to continue growing over the next years.

Weyers GmbH is a successful company with excellent working conditions and a pleasant working environment where we respect and value each other. The company philosophy represents open and upright cooperation between the employees who are aware of their responsabilities, work independently and show personal initiative.

Would you like to work for the Weyers Group?

Please send your application to:

Anja Weyers

Phone: +31 (0)77 / 30 68 655

Email: anjaweyers@weyersgmbh.de